Agility DataBroker presented for TSB/Innovate

July, 2015

European Community

Arjuna, Red Hat and Newcastle University presented their Databroker product to Innovate’s Lead Technologist – Internet Technologies at an End of Project meeting for the TSB/Innovate project ‘Removing the Data Security Barrier for the Cloud’ . The meeting was followed by a Show and Tell presentation to senior executives from Newcastle City and North Tyneside Councils.

Agility DataBroker used for hackathon

June, 2015


Arjuna participates in a hackathon taking data relating to community services, held by both Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council, and delivered via Arjuna's Agility DataBroker. A number of individuals and SMEs worked tirelessly for 36 hours to build four prototypes that demonstrated how accessing data can stimulate the imagination and innovation.

Horizon 2020

April, 2015

Arjuna, in partnership with Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council and ENGIE, submit a tender in response to the Horizon 2020 ‘Smart Cities and Communities’ call. The tender proposes the use of Agility DataBroker to manage data sharing across five separate European cities.

Sunderland City Council project

June, 2014

Arjuna deliver on a successful project for Sunderland City Council exploring and addressing barriers to the publication of open data and to sharing data with other public sector and private sector partners.

Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC)

January, 2014

Arjuna Technologies have been appointed as the Technical Consultants for the joint Newcastle City Council/Newcastle University Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC). The CIC has initial funding of £2M to develop a skills and technology centre to be located on the Newcastle Science Central site and will assist local public and private sector organisations in utilising cloud and big data analytics.

Agility™ 3.0

March, 2012


Arjuna is proud to release Agility™ 3.0. The focus of this release has been to make it easier for developers to write Policy, by tweaking the API and also by introducing new concepts like Service Agreement views. The Agility Portal has also seen an overhaul in terms of usability and performance.

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Agility™ for Inkspot

January, 2012


Arjuna have completed a successful project with Inkspot Ltd. Through the use of the Agility framework Inkspot have been able to add flexible load balancing, cope with variable security requirements, and even take advantage of spot pricing for cloud infrastructure. All of this without changing a line of their application code.

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Agility™ 2.2

October 31, 2011


Arjuna is proud to release Agility™ 2.2. This release updates Agility Portal to run on JBoss Application Server 7, which makes it easier to run Agility Server and Agility Portal on the same server.

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London Silicon Roundabout

September 9, 2011

Steve Caughey, CEO, presents on 'The Federated Cloud' at London Silicon Roundabout's Cloudbase event.

Agility™ for Energy Reduction

June 22, 2011

Energy Reduction

Arjuna complete Newcastle University energy reduction project, effectively reducing annual energy consumption on IT within the target environment by an initial 22% and an estimated 48% after the first year of operation.

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Energy Reduction Webinar

June 16, 2011

Arjuna presents Webinar on Energy Reduction in Public Sector IT.

Agility™ 2.0

May 27, 2011


Arjuna is proud to release Agility™ 2.0. The focus of this release was to port the server to run inside a Java EE application server. This step reduces the learning curve and greatly simplifies writing policy. With technologies such as EJB, JMS, JCA, JAX-WS, CDI, etc. Java EE is the perfect environment to write policy in, and allows policy to interract with a magnitude of existing systems.

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March 19, 2011

Arjuna engaged by Inkspot to utilise Agility within their Portable, Scalable and Secure Cloud Computing Platform in order to introduce sophisticated management and security policies in a multi-cloud environment.

Agility™ 1.4.0

March 17, 2011


Arjuna announces the 1.4.0. release of Agility. Prior to this release we only ran QA on Linux, while from this release and onwards we are fully supporting both Linux and Windows. We've also added support for exporting and importing the database (all your Service agreements and Features) to and from XML. Finally, a revision ID has been added to Service Agreements to allow tracking a particular change through the system. These are just some highlights of the over 100 improvements that was made to Agility for this release.

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Agility™ 1.3.0

August 16, 2010


Arjuna announces the immediate availability of Agility 1.3.0 with its new Policy Domain technology. Providing a logical grouping of Policy, Domains dramatically reduce both the footprint and complexity of any Agility installation.

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Agility™ 1.2.0

July 16, 2010


Hot on the heels of 1.1.0, Arjuna releases 1.2.0 of Agility. Further extending the management portal introduced in the 1.1.0 release, 1.2.0 provides the enterprise with historical insight into their Service Agreement data making audit simpler, faster and more effective.

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Agility™ 1.1.0

June 21, 2010


Arjuna announces the 1.1.0 release of Agility. Building upon the success of 1.0.0, 1.1.0 introduces a completely re-designed management portal, providing extra insight and control over your Cloud Computing experience. Deployment of policy is now even simpler and a testing framework provides the confidence that your policy works as expected.

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Cloud Seminar

March 19, 2010

On January 28th CloudSeminar was organised by Arjuna Technologies and sponsored by Northern Net and SuperMondays.

Watch the presentation given by Steve Caughey from Arjuna

Agility™ 1.0.0

February 1, 2010


Arjuna is proud to annouce the 1.0.0 release of Agility, their Federated Cloud Computing platform. With this release, Arjuna realizes their long-held view that control over your Cloud Computing experience is of utmost importance.

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Agility™ Video

October 23, 20O9


Discover how you can unlock the power of the cloud for your business.

Watch the Agility™ video

Arjuna Technologies on cloud nine after investment boost

October 23, 20O9

Arjuna Technologies have just closed an investment round that will enable
the company to deliver Agility to a global market.

"The company has received £500,000 in backing from Barwell PLC – a Glasgow-based specialist venture capital firm – alongside North East investment syndicate BIG and North East Finance’s Design and Creative Fund."

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Agility™ Beta

September 30, 2009


Arjuna announces the Beta release of Agility, the world's first Federated Cloud Computing Platform. With Agility you can transform your IT resources into a flexible cloud, controlled by you through automated policy, and capable of sharing resources across applications or even between independent organisations. Agility is an on-ramp to the cloud enabling you to take immediate advantage of this exciting new paradigm without disrupting existing service. Discover more

The Cloud Seminar

July 02, 2009

Arjuna presenting at the The Cloud Seminar, Newcastle Wednesday, 29th July 2009. Talks from Amazon, Microsoft, SAGE and more.

Rozmic Wireless Case Study

June 24, 2009

Rozmic Wireless, a global provider of email spam and virus protection has cut its operational costs and increased the efficiency and flexibility of its emailcloud service by deploying Arjuna Agility. Agility dynamically manages Rozmic’s infrastructure, creating a single private cloud of in-house resources, from over 50 servers in two data centres, and allowing seamless integration with EC2. See Rozmic Case Study.

CloudCamp North-East England

June 20, 2009

Arjuna presenting at the North East of England's second CloudCamp Wednesday, 29th July 2009 @ 6pm.

Software Vets Turn To Federated Cloud Computing

December 02, 2008

On-Demand Enterprise

The influential industry website On-Demand Enterprise sees a bright future for Arjuna's Federated Cloud Computing Platform:

"Every now and then -- especially in the cloud computing market -- you come across a company who seems to have something really unique going on. Such is the case with Arjuna, whose software, business model and experience suggest it could have a bright future in the cloud."

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London CloudCamp

November 13, 2008


Phil Wainewright blogs on the central theme

"I'm going to home in on the notion of federated clouds, which struck me as a core theme running through the evening".

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Agile Cloud Computing?

June 25, 2008


Mark Little (Technical Director of Red Hat's SOA Platform) takes a look at Arjuna's Agility platform

"Although there are some of the usual suspects you would expect to see in a Cloud-platform, such as controlled sharing of services across administrative boundaries and dynamic provisioning of services, there are some potentially novel aspects that make this more interesting".

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Arjuna targets private cloud systems, with EC2 to follow

9 May, 2008

The 451 Group

451 Group's William Fellows talks about Arjuna's new technology offering.

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Fault Tolerance and the Grid

September 18, 2007


In reviewing Arjuna's White Paper, Mark Little (Technical Director of Red Hat's SOA Platform) considers the trade-offs to be made from the move to SOA and greater agility.

"...there's no such thing as a free lunch".

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How fault tolerant are the grid systems being built today and does it matter?

June 27, 2007

Grid Computing Now!

Steve Caughey, CEO of Arjuna Technologies, talks to Gillian Law of Grid Computing now about fault-tolerance for transactional applications operating on a grid-based application platform.

"In a world where applications are running anywhere, one box can fail but others keep running on the same application, not aware that things have gone wrong. Partial failure is a huge problem in large scale distributed systems. You have to try to understand what data is being shared, and be able to detect where and when things go wrong".

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Arjuna: a transaction processing monitor for low latency, fault-tolerant apps?

May 30, 2007

The 451 Group

451 Group's William Fellows talks about Arjuna's research into fault tolerance and reliability in grid computing.

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Open source leaders agree to join to drive down the cost of developing and deploying web-enabled applications

April 10, 2006

Red Hat

Red Hat (NASDAQ: RHAT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire JBoss, the global leader in open source middleware. By acquiring JBoss, Red Hat expects to accelerate the shift to service-oriented architectures (SOA), by enabling the next generation of web-enabled applications running on a low-cost, open source platform.

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