Case Studies

Agility DataBroker for integrating data to improve information flow >

Arjuna have been working with Newcastle City Council to help them fix a problem with data flow between applications caused by the cessation of services by an external supplier. Data generated on traffic flow is extracted, transformed and distributed to various applications while also enabling others to access the data.

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Agility DataBroker for exploiting the value of distributed data >

Arjuna have been working with Newcastle City Council to help them consolidate, clean and distribute data generated by multiple departments, resulting in a reduction of errors, greater efficiency and an improved level of service. Data generated from multiple departments with overlapping datasets is matched and cleaned to produce a definitive database.

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Agility DataBroker for determining inconsistencies in data >

Arjuna have been working with Newcastle University to help them clean data generated by multiple internal and external sources so that they can better engage with the business community. Data generated internally is matched and cleaned against databases from Companies House and the North East Chamber of Commerce to produce a definitive database.

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Project details: Integrated cloud-based storage in the form of Amazon Glacier into the Inkspot product for use by Unilver R&D and the integration of this function into the existing Inkspot console. The project involved the capture of data requirements and the mapping on those onto the available storage.

Agility™ for Inkspot >

Arjuna have been working with Inkspot Ltd., a cloud ‘Platform as a Service’ provider targeting organisations wishing to cooperate on large-scale research projects. Through the use of the Agility framework Inkspot developers have been able to add flexible load balancing, cope with variable security requirements, and even take advantage of spot pricing for cloud infrastructure. All of this without changing a line of their application.

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Agility™ for Energy Reduction >

In October, 2010, Arjuna Technologies approached the management team at Newcastle University with a proposal for the University to utilise Arjuna’s Agility product in order to reduce energy consumption on IT. The project was also intended to illustrate how the University could make more effective use of its existing IT estate and manage the inevitable transition to Cloud-sourced services.

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Agility™ for BLIMP >

In 2009 the East-Of-England Regional Development Agency (EEDA), a UK government organisation, had the innovative idea of creating a large-scale broadband testing engine which ran invisibly and periodically to build up a substantial and accurate national broadband performance database. Arjuna's Agility product was chosen by EEDA because of the product’s unique focus on managing service delivered by a loosely connected cloud infrastructure i.e. a Federated Cloud.

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Agility™ for Condor >

Universities, like most large organisations need to make cost effective and energy efficient use of their IT resources. However their research and teaching departments have a significant and growing need for IT consumption. Attempts to resolve these potentially conflicting requirements can be disruptive and are difficult to enforce. The installation of Arjuna’s Agility product at Newcastle University has allowed these conflicts to be resolved in a unique way, and paves the way for adoption of the same techniques in other similar situations.

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Agility™ for Rozmic Wireless >

Rozmic Wireless, a global provider of email spam and virus protection has cut its operational costs and increased the efficiency and flexibility of its emailcloud service by deploying Arjuna Agility™. Agility dynamically manages Rozmic’s infrastructure, creating a single private cloud of in-house resources, from over 50 servers in two data centres, and allowing seamless integration with EC2, to deliver scalable capacity in line with customer demand.

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