About Arjuna

Mission Statement

Unlocking the value of data.

World Leading Innovation

Arjuna Technologies Limited is a world leading innovator in distributed computing and has an international reputation for delivering mission-critical products to global software vendors. Products developed by the company over the last decade are currently utilised by many thousands of businesses. Today Arjuna is applying its twenty years of research and development experience to enable the next major development in IT - the Federated Cloud.

Arjuna originally formed as a University research group in 1985. The group spun out of Newcastle University in 1998 to commercialise its research output and focused on sales to middleware application server vendors. This strategy was rewarded in 2000 when Arjuna was acquired by Bluestone Software for $13.25M. Bluestone's press release read "Through our acquisition of Arjuna, we became a leader in the new world of distributed Internet transactioning". In 2001 Bluestone was acquired by Hewlett-Packard for $525M and Arjuna operated as HP-Arjuna Labs, a part of HP's middleware division, based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

After a merger between HP and Compaq, that led to substantial reorganisation of HP, Arjuna's management team executed a management buyout with the support of HP and became independent again with a strategy of improving the product IP and focusing on service delivery. This strategy succeeded with the sale of the Arjuna Transaction Service IP to JBoss Group in late 2005 for a seven figure sum.

Arjuna Profile

Headquarters: Newcastle upon Tyne
Founded: July 2002.
Business Category: Software product development
Awards: British Computer Society Gold Award, 2000, for contribution to distributed systems development.
UK Government's SMART award, 2002, for innovation.
Product Focus: Enterprise-class products for reliable distributed systems.
Customers: Global enterprises using Arjuna’s products and services have included: Hewlett-Packard, webMethods, Tibco, Cisco, IBM, Ascential Software, Mizuho Bank, Unisys, JBoss and Red Hat. North East regional enterprises have included Adit North, Codeworks, Newcastle University and Rozmic Wireless.
Investors: The company is funded by Northern Enterprise Limited, Barwell plc, the Business Investors Group, and Enterprise Development North-East Ltd.
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