Delivering Service Agreements
for the Cloud

Introducing Arjuna Agility

Cooperation with Federation >

Agility delivers cooperation by enabling organisations to be connected together (internally and/or externally) into a Federated Cloud in which cooperation occurs through mutual agreement but within which each party retains independence. Agility provides opportunities for sophisticated brokering between clouds offering differing quality of service and of cloud federation which enables partners to share services in a controlled manner.

Accountability with Service Agreements >

Agility delivers accountability through its use of service agreements which record the responsibilities of the parties engaged in a relationship. With service agreements in place the organisation can monitor performance and can identify when quality of service is threatened in order to take remedial action.

Control with Policy >

Agility delivers control into the hands of an organisation's administrators through its support for pluggable policy. Policy is a set of rules or guidelines that direct an organisation's behaviour and within Agility is structured as one or more Policy Modules each of which represents different aspects of an organisation's policy.

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