Publishing the availability of data

The consolidation of data is only useful if the data is meaningful, and the only people capable of determining whether that data is meaningful is the end user. To determine how useful a data source might be the end user will need to have the metadata or other content description. Agility DataBroker can be used to publish the content of complementary data sources to a portal, typically a web site, along with the policies that will need to be agreed to access them. Users can then access and combine data from multiple sources published on that portal in a controlled, audited manner.

Advert flow diagram

Data can be submitted along with a content description facilitated by a form defined in Agility DataBroker or our technology can scrape the metadata from the dataflow if it has a determinable structure. The data may be uploaded to the Agility DataBroker instance or may be retained by the data owner until a request is made that conforms to the service agreement implemented by the data owner within Agility DataBoker.

Obvious areas of application include:

  • medical and scientific research;
  • local government and charities;
  • retail organisations and their wholesalers;
  • manufacturing companies and component suppliers.

In the first example above, medical researchers working on a cure for the same affliction could publish the existence of their research databases on the portal for use by others. Policies imposed on the access to their data might range from an agreement to quote the data owner in any resultant publication resulting from the use as the data source, a price for accessing the data, and/or a copyright notice that must be agreed in advance.

Agility DataBroker is a framework that allows an organization to unlock the value of data through its controlled consolidation, analysis and distribution.

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