Management team

Dr. Stuart Wheater

Stuart WheaterWithin the domain of reliable distributed computing systems Stuart has an international reputation for cutting-edge research and commercial product development. He graduated with First Class Honours in Computing Science and completed his PhD in 1990. His research has focused on transactions and long-lived process support, with many publications in leading journals and conferences. Product development has included the construction of a CORBA based transactional workflow system (OPENflow) and the industry proven Transaction Service and Message Service from Arjuna.

Stuart worked for over 10 years as a senior member of the influential Arjuna research team and was a founding Director of Arjuna Solutions Ltd before company acquisition mandated his move to Bluestone Software and, in turn, Hewlett-Packard. As a Distinguished Engineer, within HP, Stuart designed and developed the HP-ORB product, to replace a third-party incumbent ORB across HP's product range. At Arjuna Technologies Stuart has overall responsibility for product development and technical vision. He continues to work on a variety of client engagements advising on all aspects of reliable distributed computing systems and maintains his research interest as a Visiting Fellow to Newcastle University.

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